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Managing Director, Technology

Digital Transformation
Value Acceleration
Merger & Acquisitions


s a technology operator and partner, Senthil has played a pivotal role in integrating and consolidating technologies for several top bank M&As. He passionately advises Fortune 500 clients on value creation and acceleration.

As a Consulting Engagement Manager at Hewlett Packard, he focuses on value acceleration business transformation, and solutions architect of the intelligent data platform. He is an expert in using Hybrid / Cloud / AI / ML / Edge-based computing technology for continuous improvement and real-time analytics processes.

He assessed, audited software systems, processes, data and guided cross-functional team members for pre and post-M&A strategic initiatives.

He successfully addressed data and system migration challenges with more agile and innovative technical changes.

His meticulous penchant for continuous improvements to implement best practices for systems and process delivery methodology enabled him to mentor and motivate team members to become more effective, involved, and collaborate as change agents.

Senthil holds a BS in Electronics and Communications from University of Madras, India.

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