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ith 20%+ Historical Returns, we’re giving the average investor opportunities that were previously only available to the 1%.

Join us on your new path to financial dominance

Why K7?

  • Our funds are high-growth alternative investments experiencing superior returns made possible by the Green Wellness Village model based on new builds of duplex/fourplex communities.
  • If you’ve been investing for the past few years, you know well the frustration shared by everyone in your shoes. Traditional investments are failing and even the tried-and-true 401k is losing money.
    While the average investors have been struggling, the ultra-wealthy have been consistently making double digit returns — because they have access to special deals that most investors will never get invited to…
  • This is where K7 starts to level the playing field.
  • Our unique small multifamily fund has historical returns of 20%+ and is the first to open that level of opportunity beyond the ultra-wealthy. We have democratized access to more investors as we work to create more millionaires and build sustainable wealth for our investors.

What is the Green Wellness Village Model?

  • The evolution of impact investing and the modern portfolio.
  • Our proprietary model, the Green Wellness Village model, is deeply based in impact investing as its core tenants are building communities that provide resources for greater physical and mental wellness in addition to being hyper-green environmental builds.
  • The model is the culmination of 20 years of strategy and execution coming together to enable the superior results we’ve proven through prior funds – 20%+ returns.
  • It works on an advanced “Ground to Family” process where we research and buy the best land for returns, plan the development, build the houses and create the entire community. Every aspect of the process is under our direct control and review, further mitigating risk and unknown variables.
  • We don’t just develop land, we build communities. Every part of the final development is focused on the wellness and health of the individual and community as a whole – from planned green spaces, to microgrid solar power to EV charging stations, geothermal, and hydrogen power. We contribute to the betterment of these communities and the globe via net zero carbon emissions — this is the best of impact investing.

What sets K7 Multifamily Funds apart from others?

  • Extensive due diligence prior to land acquisition
  • 30+ years experienced partners for local authority approvals
  • Efficient capital deployment for project completion
  • Faster turnaround time with proactive planning and preparation
  • Pre-Sell approved lots before construction start to avoid inventory buildup
  • Proven property manager ensures smooth tenant leasing process & maintenance

How Does it Work?

  • Easy, consistent profit with a purpose.
  • Superior Returns: The minimum level of investment is just $100,000 with a historical return of 20%+.
  • Easy 401k Use: K7’s 401k rollover and capital gains rollover strategy allows us to help clients transfer their retirement savings from traditional 401k plans to self-directed IRAs, which offer greater flexibility and control over investment decisions. This approach is particularly attractive to clients who are looking to diversify their retirement portfolios and take advantage of alternative investment opportunities.
  • Green Tax Advantages: K7’s focus on sustainable community tax advantages allows them to invest in projects that promote sustainable development and provide tax benefits. This approach is aligned with the growing trend towards socially responsible investing and reflects K7’s commitment to making a positive impact on the communities in which they operate.
  • Extreme Risk Mitigation: K7 believes that building sustainable wealth requires a modern approach to alternative investments. The world is changing rapidly, and traditional investment strategies may no longer be sufficient to achieve long-term success. K7 is at the forefront of a new era of investing, which not only mitigates our exposure to market volatility, but also improves our clients’ portfolio stability.
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