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We invest in companies that make Natural foods easily available to people.  People have realized the conscious health benefits of natural foods post Covid19.

Natural foods

In particular, there has been a significant increase in aversion to processed foods. With skyrocketing demand for fresh natural foods, the entire Farm to Table ecosystem from farming to production to supply chain provides sustainable opportunities for investors to realize superior returns.

Natural farming is highly eco-friendly that strengthens soils,  produces healthy plants and consequently food and environment.

Post Covid19,  health conscious consumers  now demand fresh foods and produce in higher frequency and door delivery, which has squarely put the supply chain transformation a high priority for many industry players.

By focusing on investment opportunities in the natural foods ecosystem, we help businesses rapidly transform value delivery and thus gain a greater share of returns for our investors.

Investment Criteria

The natural foods transformation

  • $5 – $100 million in annual revenues
  • $1 million+ annual cash flows
  • Low debt or no debt with 7 years or more in business
  • Strong alignment with K7 Natural Foods vision

  • Revenue model: Repeat or recurring
  • Geography: US, India
Food Transform
Food Transformation
Natural Food Business
Investment Situation

Accelerate natural foods business

  • Founder and Family owned business succession
  • Synergistic growth opportunities

  • Durable longevity with diversified clients
  • Ripe for business transformation
  • Buyout of Retiring Owners
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