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We help media & entertainment companies to rapidly improve customer digital experience and innovate with cutting edge technologies


he global pandemic has caused an unprecedented shift in the way we live our lives. The economic activity and market landscape have been completely transformed, ushering in a new normal that has forced us to adapt to new ways of doing things. Remote working has become the norm, as businesses have had to find ways to continue operating while keeping their employees safe. Online shopping and digital commerce have also seen a massive surge in popularity, as people have had to find new ways to purchase goods and services without leaving their homes. These changes have become essential necessities for everyday survival, and it’s clear that they are here to stay for the foreseeable future. It’s a challenging time, but we must continue to adapt and find ways to thrive in this new normal.

Due to a significant increase in media and entertainment content consumption, businesses in this industry are struggling to keep up with the demand. The high volume of traffic on technology platforms requires careful capacity planning and reliable, hi-tech solutions to ensure seamless service. Our investments aim to support these businesses with data, technologies, strategy, acquisitions, and analytics to facilitate their digital transformation and meet the demands of a rapidly growing market.

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