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bout 90% of the millionaires in the last two centuries were created through real estate investments. We build sustainable wealth for our investors with high growth, high returns real estate investment opportunities.

Our proprietary real estate deal sourcing mechanism identifies prime land for acquisition based on location, neighborhood, environment, geology, economic ecosystem, and market growth potential. We invest in acquisition of such attractive prime lands and develop them to build multifamily dwellings on a build to rent model for our investor buyers.

By focusing on high value acceleration paths in the real estate lifecycle we rapidly transform value delivery and gain a greater share of returns to our investors.

K7 decided to open up this exclusive wealth creation platform for individual investors and empower them to build sustainable wealth using their savings and retirement funds such as 401K / IRA. Yes you read that right.. Individual investors can now invest in K7 Real Estate Funds from their retirement accounts without any early withdrawal penalty.

K7’s private real estate funds are proven investment vehicles where our partners have consistently delivered high returns to individual investors. K7 Large Multifamily Funds focus on new and large multifamily apartment communities to be sold to new investment property buyers as Build To Rent properties.

What are the prominent benefits of K7 Real Estate investments?
Private Real Estate investments are best wealth building platforms for

  • Capital Conservation
  • High Inflation Hedging
  • Low Volatility
  • Strong Growth
  • Double Digit Returns
  • Tax Advantages

K7 Large Multifamily Fund invests in new and upgraded apartment communities in the super hot real estate market across top metros of Texas and other primary markets across the country.


We assess sustainable migration trends and rock solid local demands for large multifamily apartments in top private markets and then capitalize on the opportunity.

What are K7 Multifamily Funds’ reasons for Success?

  • Hot Location with Sustained Demand
  • Attractive Prime Land
  • High Occupancy
  • Rapid Developments & Approvals
  • Organic Rent Growth
  • New Homes

What sets K7 Multifamily Funds apart from others?

  • Extensive due diligence prior to land acquisition
  • 30+ years experienced partners for local authority approvals
  • Efficient capital deployment for project completion
  • Faster turnaround time with proactive planning and preparation
  • Pre-Sell approved lots before construction start to avoid inventory buildup
  • Proven property manager ensures smooth tenant leasing process & maintenance

What are K7 Partners and Operators track record?

  • 4.1 million plus sqft of new multifamily homes successfully constructed and sold
  • 30+ years experienced developers
  • 1500+ multifamily homes including duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes built
  • 55+ communities successfully completed
  • 7+ active communities in pipeline

Check with us today about exclusive K7 small multifamily fund investment opportunities available for individual investors.

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