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K7 Private Equity Launches Multifamily Fund Open To Individual Investors

AUSTIN, TX., Oct 05, 2022 / K7 News / – K7 Private Equity LLC (“K7” or “K7PE”) an high growth alternative investment firm with a mission to build sustainable wealth for individual and institutional investors is pleased to announce the launch of the K7 Multifamily Fund IV, formed in the State of Delaware. K7 Multifamily Fund IV is open to individual investors across both US and Worldwide.

“We strongly believe that vast experience combined with excellence in execution realizes attractive returns for our investors.” stated Venkat Gopi, Founder and Managing Director of K7PE. “We are super thrilled to offer this private market high growth opportunity, traditionally reserved exclusively for institutional and high networth investors, to individual investors. Our vision for the K7 Multifamily Fund is to empower individual investors to build sustainable wealth in all market environments using their savings and retirement funds such as 401K / IRA.”

K7 Multifamily Funds are proven investment vehicles where our partners have consistently delivered high returns to individual investors over the last decade. K7 Multifamily Funds focus on building brand new small multifamily duplex and quadplex communities to be sold to new investment property buyers as Build To Rent properties.

“Large migration of technology giants and its employees to Austin – San Antonio region have resulted in skyrocketing demand for multifamily homes and miniscule supply of the same, creating a huge gap in the market.” stated Murari Appan, Managing Director of K7PE. “K7 Multifamily Fund invests in new construction of duplex and quadplex communities in the super hot real estate market of Austin – San Antonio region.”

“By offering individual investors exclusive access to high growth alternative investments, we are a step ahead in our pursuit to democratize private equity for individual investors.” stated Venkat Gopi. Investor results are our top priority. Get in touch with us at .

About K7 Private Equity LLC

K7 Private Equity is a high growth alternative investment firm with a mission to build sustainable wealth for individual and institutional investors. Our powerful alternative investment opportunities, excellent execution, and vast experience enable our investors to achieve their financial goals and build a better future for everyone. We invest in synergistically aligned private businesses and market opportunities that exhibit a potential for exponential growth. We empower our business model through hybrid private equity and debt structures in combination with an impressive array of partner operational capabilities for excellence in execution. Our disciplined entrepreneurial approach with specialized knowledge and experience to identify, grow, and exit private market opportunities, generate superior returns to our investors. For more information on K7 Private Equity please visit .

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