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he Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses a wide range of intelligent devices that can connect and exchange data, including processors, sensors, RFIDs, software, bots, communication devices, and monitors. Through this connectivity, valuable intelligence can be generated that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. Our company invests in businesses that offer unique IoT solutions to address significant digital transformation challenges.

We invest in businesses that are ripe for digital transformation and can spearhead the digital economy. The profiles of these businesses often reflect those below.

Companies that optimize natural resources to new heights
The agrifood industry is experiencing rapid disruption from the Internet of Things (IoT), particularly in the use of embedded sensors on equipment and materials. Our focus is on investing in IoT companies that provide digital agriculture solutions, enabling farmers to monitor their crops, manage wastage, maintain their equipment, and monitor environmental conditions in real-time.

Monitor And Track Medical Equipment, Assets, And Medicines
As more IoT smart devices become available, managing, monetizing, and optimizing enterprise assets becomes more challenging. One effective solution is to use radio-frequency identifiers (RFID) to track equipment and medicines in hospital facilities. By tracking medicine utilization before it expires, millions of dollars can be saved and costs can be reduced by minimizing waste. We invest in companies that provide a centralized digital tracking dashboard, which enables all professional staff, administrative staff, physicians, nurses, and clinicians to align with the organization’s revenue and operational goals.

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