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nternet of Things (IoT) covers a plethora of smart devices that enable disparate processors, sensors, RFIDs, software, bots, technologies, communication devices, monitors etc to connect and exchange data to generate intelligence which otherwise is almost impossible. We invest in companies that have unique solutions (IoT) to solve major digital transformation business problems.

We invest in businesses that are ripe for digital transformation and can spearhead the digital economy. The profiles of these businesses often reflect those below.

Companies that optimize natural resources to new heights
The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast disrupting the agrifood sector primarily in the embedded sensors on equipment and materials. We invest in IoT companies that offers digital agriculturists solutions to monitor in real time their crops, wastage management, environment, and equipment maintenance

Monitor And Track Medical Equipment, Assets, And Medicines
With the proliferation of IoT smart devices comes the problems of enterprise asset management, monetization, and optimization solutions. Radio-frequency identifiers (RFID) can effectively track equipment, medicines across hospital facilities. Medicine utilization prior to expiry saves millions of dollars and brings cost efficiencies by reducing wastage. We invest in companies that offer a centralized digital tracking dashboard and enables all professional staff, administrative staff, physicians, nurses, and clinicians to be aligned with organizations revenue and operational goals.

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