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dge computing has unveiled a tsunami of compute capabilities with 5G networking to industrial shop floors, manufacturing and production houses, enterprise machineries, mobile devices that come in all shapes and sizes, retail shops, and hospitals to name a few. With such an exponential explosion of data from the edge sources, automation has propelled to the forefront of the digital economy.

We invest in companies that enable edge computing, security, automation, analytics and intelligence in near real time.

We invest in edge businesses whose profiles often reflect those below.

Companies that Revolutionize Manufacturing Efficiencies And Profit
We invest in companies that enable connected systems to now orchestrate R&D, procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, logistics, marketing, sales, equipment maintenance, and customer service. Intelligent bots, sensor technologies, radio frequency identifiers, cognitive intelligence, machine learning, big data, cloud and automation ensure seamless end-to-end collaboration across geographies resulting in increased business and improved profits.

Automation Solutions & Robotic Process Automation Companies
A central part of digital transformation is ensuring consistent quality by continued technological advancement. Sometimes this can mean replacing human labor with AI. Make the transition to mechanized labor as efficient as possible.

We invest in companies where Automation experts deliver a wide range of innovative methodologies, including niche technologies like autonomic computing and software robots. Increase cross-enterprise IT visibility and business efficiency through increased accuracy, reduced costs, and continued transformation.

Cognitive Intelligence, Ai & Machine Learning Companies
Go beyond the ordinary. This is why along with offering rudimentary automation, experts provide cutting-edge technologies through AI and machine learning.

High-level cognitive solutions increase efficiency and personalized customer solutions while decreasing redundant process costs. A simple change can dramatically improve customer experience and satisfaction while reducing stress and resource wastage. We invest in companies that get ahead in the digital world while staying in reach of your customers with cognitive intelligence, AI & machine learning.

We invest in, and partner with, cloud, cybersecurity, and data enabled companies to create secure long term value through digital transformation.

Drones & UAVs for Crop monitoring companies
We invest in companies that enable a closer look at the acres of crop with an ability to pinpoint areas of trouble much faster and high resolution sitting in the convenience of your living room. Gone are the days where birds eye view from aircraft seemed to be the only viable option for crop monitoring. Moreover add the advantage of crop spraying with multiple drones at multiple areas simultaneously providing a live feed to your fertilizer partner to oversee the coverage.

Farm to fork management companies
We invest in companies that deliver Robots, Artificial Intelligence, RFID sensors, Machine learning, to realize multitude of efficiencies, optimization, collaboration, and cost benefits to the entire agricultural life cycle and food production.

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