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or businesses looking to meet the expectations of their digitally-savvy customers, adopting a digital-first business model is crucial. By creating a strong digital presence, even traditional businesses can rebound after the pandemic and provide personalized experiences to their customers. At K7, we invest in businesses that prioritize digital integration throughout their value chain, resulting in highly engaged customers and seamless experiences. Our investments enable these companies to access top tech solutions and achieve successful digital transformations.

Capture Real-time Trading Opportunities

Investors in the stock market can utilize large amounts of data, including current and historical prices, to identify potential trading opportunities in real-time. Trading systems are continuously updated with gigabytes of data from multiple server log feeds to ensure quick engagement with profitable opportunities. Our investment strategy focuses on businesses that are poised for digital transformation and can lead the way in the digital economy. The characteristics of these businesses often align with the descriptions below.

Increase Customer Retention And Monetization
To improve revenue and customer satisfaction, utilize data-driven insights from various sources, including in-house, third-party, and partner data. Engage with customers through multiple channels of communication at their preferred time.

Hyper-target Geo-specific Ads Based On Culture Or Linguistics

Deliver actionable behavioral insights on consumers from specific geography with a strong affinity to a specific culture and linguistic user base.

Ingest petabytes of data from disparate sources combining hybrid structured and unstructured consumer information to find actionable intelligence for marketing strategies.

Unify Medicare/ Medicaid Patient Health Data From Disparate Electronic Medical Record Systems

Aggregate medicare/ medicaid patient data from different electronic medical record systems almost on daily basis with big data robotic automation solutions and unify 360 degree single view of medicare/ medicaid patients synchronized seamlessly from multiple EMRs. Rest assured the latest synchronized health data reflects on your dashboard.

Stay Ahead Of The Competition With Energy Trading Intelligence

Electricity market data from commodity exchanges can provide real-time trading opportunities for stock traders. This requires the processing of massive data streams of stock trades, current prices, and historical market data. Thousands of server log feeds also provide additional gigabytes of data in near real-time, enabling computerized trading systems to engage with critical trading opportunities. These real-time analytics can also help detect fraud and market irregularities.

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