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ata is the new oil. Welcome to the new normal where remote working, online shopping, and digital commerce have propelled to new heights and become essential necessities for everyday survival. Consequently, customer digital expectations and experiences have exponentially evolved. Almost every industry across the world now understands the need to align business value delivery directly with digital customer value delivery.

In today’s digital world, keeping up with the omnichannel customer is increasingly essential. Companies now require digital services that will help them transform as a business and deliver innovative experiences to technologically savvy clients that expect swift and efficient results.

We invest in nationwide organizations that focus on delivering a unified simple seamless digital experience leveraging data and analytics.

We invest in data and analytics companies whose business profiles often reflect those below.

Big Data Analytics & Real Time Intelligence companies
We invest in companies that harvest big data to help businesses make better strategic decisions and stay ahead of the competition to grow faster. These companies embrace cutting-edge digital technology, including real-time streaming intelligence, to assist companies in reaching their goals while improving customer relations and increasing revenue growth.

Data Engineering & Management companies

Modern businesses are engulfed by an overwhelming amount of data. From healthcare to social media, companies must now store disparate datasets from a plethora of sources to get a complete picture of the customer. However, storing all this data comes at the cost of reduced effectiveness and decreased focus on core businesses as more attention must be paid to improve revenue growth.

Digital Experts focus on what’s important, providing the necessary capabilities to maintain customer data and gain business insights without losing out on the effectiveness and user experience.

Companies that Use Data Driven Intelligence For Profitability And Growth

We invest in companies that connect with customers on secure channels that they are most comfortable with — mobile, online, phone, email, or local branch. Such companies increase the lifetime value of customers with a deeper understanding of their behavior, preferences, and potential.

Ultimately these firms deliver solutions that understand a single source of truth with a 360-degree customer view and discover new and value-added business growth opportunities.

Companies that Enable Holistic Market Opportunity Dashboard

We invest in health tech companies that aggregate data from more than thousands of relevant data sources and update in near real-time environments. Such big data aggregation includes geography data, population data such as demographics, socioeconomic factors, community data such as disease trends, people at risk for disease, pollution, access to care centers, clinical data, health behaviors, health outcomes, social media data such as healthcare professional social access, influence, sentiments, and Environment data.

To enable a comprehensive view of market opportunities, offer solutions that combine these data sets with in-house utilization data, sales volume, plans, and payor access.

We invest in, and partner with, cloud, software, data, and technology-enabled companies to create sustainable long-term value through digital transformation.

Companies that Monetize Anonymous Banking Data

Banks possess a treasure trove of operational and transactional banking data that may provide valuable insights for investors and policymakers without compromising on the legal requirement of maintaining the anonymity of the customers.

We invest in companies that deliver solutions to collate cross-organizational data from personal credit, banking, mortgage, wholesale, and treasury banking. We consolidate these desensitized, anonymized, encrypted, and single windows accessed for third-party players in secondary markets thus augmenting alternate streams of revenues.

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