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ybersecurity aims to not only securely transform businesses digitally, but also keep them safely connected to the physical world. With innovative cloud networks, big data, intelligence, and data engineering solutions, companies are offered the opportunity to extend their outreach to multiple channels and create a diverse platform ecosystem where producers and consumers are brought together. But such offerings also compound the risk of technology touch points that are exposed to malicious attacks.

We invest in companies that secure the digital ecosystem with state of art tools and technologies.

We invest in cybersecurity businesses whose profiles often reflect those below.

Cybersecurity for Retail Revolution
Digital consumers continuously generate a plethora of data via omni channel interactions and often advertisers struggle to bring all types of data in one central platform to find business insights. Combining online and offline shopping behavior, the retail world can hyper personalize products and service recommendations to consumers.

The power of digital transformation in retail differentiates winners from losers. Equally challenging for such businesses is to protect its data from malicious attackers. We invest in companies that offer solutions to secure such a retail world.

We invest in, and partner with, cloud, cybersecurity, and data enabled companies to create secure long term value through digital transformation.

Cybersecurity Companies that combines security with data security to Reduce Risk Exposure With Fraud Detection And Anti Money Laundering Compliance
These companies accelerate organization’s regulatory, compliance monitoring, and speed to analytics by implementing cybersecurity, data security, and fraud detection to analyze both data at rest and data in motion.

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