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he digital renaissance is driven by cloud, data and technologies that provide organizations with improved capacities to intelligently harvest those data for rapid growth. Our objective is to invest in companies that specialize in digital technologies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in value delivery. Our investments aim to accelerate companies engaged in various complex digital transformation projects and help them overcome strategic, tactical, and operational challenges.

Cloud businesses provide the backbone solutions that integrate digital technology into all areas of the value chain. These technologies have revolutionized the way businesses engage customers and offer a seamless experience, resulting in highly engaged customers.

Our investments are directed towards companies that offer comprehensive cloud computing services including setup, migration, management, and monitoring. We prioritize those with enterprise-wide data-driven cybersecurity measures that include threat detection and response. Our target companies in the cloud industry share profiles that match the examples below.

Cloud Solutions & Services Companies

Companies that build secure private clouds, manage public clouds, and any framework in between including full stack cloud implementation and maintenance.

We invest in businesses with well-accomplished teams of cloud industry veterans, technologists, data science experts, and engineers who are highly passionate about K7’s digital transformation mission to ensure success in delivering high quality customer experience.

Companies that Improve Marketing & Sales ROI With Data-driven Intelligence

Health technology companies that deliver Cloud big data automation capabilities seamlessly aggregates HCP profiles with customized multi-vendor platform integration to pull campaign metrics and enables hyper personalization with finer segmentation.

These health tech companies enable Multichannel closed loop marketing.

Companies that Engage Physicians Beyond Face-to-face At Channel Of Their Choice Anytime, Anywhere.

Businesses that can Seamlessly manage transitions among healthcare providers, clinicians, and patients. Moreover, bridge the gaps in collaborative care between transitions among care teams, referral clinicians, follow-up after emergency room visit or facility discharge.

These health tech companies deliver solutions that create a comprehensive personalized digital care plan for each patient and readily shareable with all providers and enable access to qualified clinical staff on multiple channels including secure messaging, telephone, and internet.

Companies that Improve Grid Reliability With Smart Meter Intelligence

We prefer to invest in businesses that capture, transmit, analyze, and persist smart meter data multiple times every hour, creating a continuous stream of rich usage data and compare with historical data to deliver real time intelligence to increase grid reliability, detect leaks, reduce outage risks, and dynamic load balancing.

Companies that provide Manufacturing Intelligence

We invest in companies that offer cloud big data automation to enable incredible digital innovation for the manufacturing industry and lead the market with real-time insights to recognize opportunities, maximize operational efficiencies, and reduce wastages.

We acquire businesses that leverage the internet of things and big data to transform manufacturing, supply chains, and operations.

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